CoPeCo #4

CoPeCo #4 (Contemporary Performance & Composition) is a collective of 9 composers/performers founded as part of the European itinerant master’s programme of the same name (Tallinn, Stockholm, Lyon, Hamburg), which focuses on collaboration between composers and performers, interdisciplinary collaboration, new technologies and improvisation.
Francis St-Germain: For Morton Feldman
Wandelweiser concert
North American experimental music concert
CoPeCo ensemble at festival SUBITO!

Silhouettes Contemporaines

Both native of the south of France, Benoît Segui and Bastien Pouillès first met at the University and the Conservatoire, where a long friendship story began. Silhouettes Contemporaines is a multi-instrumental duo, playing classical guitar, electric guitar, Renaissance guitar, Romantic guitar, folk guitar, hurdy-gurdy and theorbo in addition to the accordion. Their goal is to promote a transversal approach to music through creation and collaboration with composers, as well as the re-creation of old and traditional music. They released their first album, Traversée I, in October 2022 on the Elektramusic label.

Traversée I
Sylvain Griotto: La Conjecture de Syracuse
Benoît Segui


Rémi Coste & Bastien Pouillès

Poetry and accordion. A story of listening and alchemy. Rémi Coste (poet) and Bastien Pouillès first met in Stockholm. The music is live improvised, based on listening to the text and its spoken word, so each piece is different from the previous one. What is important for the music is no less the meaning of the text than the flow of energy, the rhythm, the breathing, the intonation, the search for a common atmosphere and breath. Personne n’entendait la musique is their first EP, released in 2021. They regularly go into schools, as in Stockholm and Rome, where Rémi gives writing workshops and Bastien plays the accordion to the children’s poems.

Personne n’entendait la musique

Les Espaces XAMP

Les Espaces XAMP is an artistic collective of eight accordionists committed to Research, Creation and Transmission, founded by Fanny Vicens and Jean-Etienne Sotty as an extension of duo XAMP. Six of the most talented accordionists of their generation have joined them to share their desire to discover and explore sound. SPACE, their first project, premiered in spring 2023, is a winner of the French Ministry of Culture’s Mondes Nouveaux programme.
Présentation des Espaces XAMP et du projet SPACE
Pascale Criton & l’écoute active